Tips for First-time Mom.

I remember when I was still fresh, sexy, young and beautiful. When I can eat everything that I want without getting fat, when time is not so precious because I believe there’s always a next time, when I can pamper myself like going to salon and spa, relaxing at the massage parlor, hanging out with my friends, when doing the house chores was just based on my mood. Awww, I missed those days.
After years of hoping and praying, our dream came true. God gave us a healthy, cute and charming baby boy, I named him Cayetano IV, because his father wants to name our cute little baby after him. We call him “Quatro” or “The Fourth”. It is hard to admit that after 9 months of carrying our baby, after sleepless nights and painful labor, he got everything from his father. It’s so unfair.
Becoming a mother has a lot of plans and here’s what to expect:

Top 5 things that a first-time mom must know before becoming a mother

  • You can’t have a breakfast
If you are alone in your house and your husband is working, then we’re the same. Since I am alone during weekdays, I prefer to skip breakfast since there’s a lot of things to be done early in the morning.
  • You can’t repose
My mother always told me to bring my baby wherever I go.  So, tell me, how can you have a pampering time if you carry a little man around you? The only time you can rest is when your child is sleeping.
  • You must know how to schedule everything including sex.
I learned to schedule my daily work when Quatro turns 2 months old. I wonder why I’m always in a hurry and forgot to wash his feeding bottles and his clothes. Also, there are times that I want to have make love with my husband but my body is tired.
  • Man will always be a man.
A newborn baby must be fed every after 2 hours. My husband and I had an agreement about our shifting schedule so we can sleep for 8 hours. But it didn’t turn out that way. Man will always sleep more than 8 hours a day and even if the alarm clock is so loud, he will remain asleep.
  • After birth, post-partum is real and must be addressed.
This is the most important among all. Not all woman knows that PPD exist. So, right now, if you’re to become a mom, research more about post-partum depression. This is a normal feeling after birth.
I really had a hard time dealing with this. Adjustment is real to be exact. Becoming a mother is really a gift from above. But how can we be sure that our baby is okay? It is very important to know ahead of time. Here is how:

How to know if the newborn baby is not okay?

  • Trust your instinct
Always trust your instinct. There is this called. “mother’s instinct”, and 90% of it is true.  Every time my heart feels like there is something wrong with my baby, I immediately get uncomfortable.
  • If the baby cries a lot and wouldn’t sleep.
If the baby became colic, there must be something wrong about him/her. We did visit the doctor once and he told us that babies always cry. But I know deep in my heart that there is something about my baby. The following day we decided to have a second opinion from another pediatrist and it turns out that the reason why my baby is always crying because of the first doctor’s prescribed milk. When we changed the brand of the milk, the following day, my baby didn’t cry a lot and sleeps soundly.
  • Refuse to eat
There was a time when my baby refuses to eat. I was really worried, the following day I immediately went to the doctor to seek medical advice. When the doctor checked him, it turns out that he has fungi (which is common) in his mouth. So, whenever you experience this, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor.
The very best you can do is to seek medical advice to a doctor who specialized delicate babies. Every baby is different but almost all of them has the same effect on the food or product that we provide. To be a mother you must be very prudent in products. So Here are the Products I highly recommend;

Products I highly recommend.

  • Pampers premium
Unlike any other diapers, pampers premium is a little more expensive but it helps you to save a lot of money. I can only use 4 diapers in 1 day compared to other diaper I used which max out to 8.
  • Looney toons Wet wipes
The quality of wipes is really important. Unlike any other wet wipes in the market, Looney Toons wet wipes has a thick and long wipes.
  • Hipp baby food
This food is organic and it is safe compare to other baby foods in the market plus, my baby really love it.
After all, Motherhood is becoming someone you never thought you’d become. Your life will really turn upside down. Every habit that you thought is hard to break immediately disappear in a blink of an eye. Always remember, we mothers always found ourselves in a situation where we encounter problems with our baby, never allow that situation to stress you out. Motherhood is about enjoying the life you created for your little one.